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We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Every Wednesday | 7 pm | University of Ottawa

We Are

"Church on Wednesday (CoW) exists to be an expression of Christ's church on campus for the believer, the curious, and the undecided."

We Value


engaging the curious, the undecided, and the believer in genuine Christian community


igniting an all-consuming passion to know and follow Jesus


encountering God through the deep and accessible study of the Scriptures


inciting a movement of the Gospel in this generation that changes the world for the glory of God


inspiring and equipping new leaders for Kingdom work

Our Partners

The Team


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Church of the Messiah

Our Story

In 2014 we launched Church on Wednesday based on years of prayer for Ottawa campuses. We believed that Gospel proclamation and sincere worship still had the ability to change lives for our good and God's glory. The idea was simple: worship in spirit and in truth, preach the Bible, connect students to local churches. When we began, we barely had a glimpse of all that God is now doing --- students from multiple campuses coming to Jesus, the Agora at the University overflowing with believers, the curious, and the undecided . . . students growing in Christ and some being baptized in the middle of campus.

We launched as a ministry of three churches, but we quickly realized two things. First, we saw that students from a much wider variety of churches began attending and were passionate for our vision. Second, we saw that many students who were not connected to any church began to view CoW as their own church. We felt that God was presenting us with a unique opportunity to mobilize Christians on campus and local churches in Ottawa to work together to grow God's kingdom through a new expression of His church.

As such our mission has focused into CoW being a more complete expression of Christ's church. We exist to be a church on campus, uniquely enabled by the local church, for those who don't go to church.

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